Habitus, 2019 
Habitus is a photographic and sculptural project that combines traditional crafts such as weaving and woodworking with natural materials of the landscape in which the work was created. Through the use of my own body in the images, the work showcases an intimate connection to place and the materials that are worked with. 
Pierre Bourdieu defines ‘habitus’ as a series of dispositions that affect how an individual subconsciously acts and reacts to everyday situations. These dispositions are acquired by ones social, cultural and educational upbringing. My own habitus, being  informed by his rural upbringing, history working as a carpenter and photographic education in traditional processes can be read through the themes addressed, materials used, location and the sculptural objects that have been created. 
The processes involved in creating each piece is important to my practice as the slow and methodical process of working with the physical objects be it wood, rushes or film  allows the time to focus on the material and for contemplation on the work being created. 
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